December 11, 2017

Radar Trainee Confessions

Taken at the back of our shower room, este office. Sorry, may mga sinasabon kasi dun sa loob. Haha. Introduction/pasilip to my plan of writing about our experiences as radar trainees. It won't be a post about our complaints. Takot ko lang. Haha! But seriously, it will be like a compilation of stories of our battles and struggles as trainees that we normally voice out over plates of food and bottles of *cough* water. Don't worry, I'll thread lightly. Haha. Well, we actually talk about those moments and ended up laughing. Not that we don't take our work seriously. Believe me, we fucking do! (Please don't get me wrong, omg. Mapapahamak ba ako neto?) I think it'll be a funny post. I was inspired when I once again read the speech I wrote about our training days (ibang training din yun. Andami dba bes?!) I know our radar training days will be over soon so I wanna put those memories into writing para may mapagtawanan din kami when the time comes. Natatawa kasi ako habang binabasa yung graduation speech namin nung training. Proud na proud pa nung gumraduate kami. Yung tipong, "Hello world, we're ready for you!"  ang feeling. Maiiyak ka sa pride and joy. Tengene, hindi kami naorient na iiyak kami ng dugo 3 yrs after. May mas hihirap pa pala dun bes! 😭 😂

So, yun. Next post soon!



A lot of people don't really know or understand what I do for a living.  When I passed the training, our neighbors seriously thought that my parents finally have a pilot for a daughter. I used to tell people that I work in CAAP as an air traffic controller. Over time, I realized that both my workplace and my work are both jargons to almost everyone. So, to make things easier, I just say I work at the airport. When I had the chance, I brought my parents to my workplace because it's easier to just let them observe what I do because I struggled explaining to them my work.


That moment when,after filling up a form needed for your item, you realized that you're just 5-digit worth. And a very low 5-digit value at that. #Adulting???!!!


A message from a former officemate asking me where she would find one of my previous entries opted me to write a new one. It made me happy that somehow someone finds my posts worth reading or entertaining. I'm not the most creative writer. I just write out of boredom. It also helps me practice my grammar because my work sometimes destroys it. Ha. Ha.

I am an air traffic controller. Don't ask me what that is yet. I can't find the right words to explain it and it can be lengthy. Anyway, our work uses phraseologies to communicate with pilots and fellow controllers. So we use phrases, which means that they're not sentences, which means there are no subjects and predicates, so technically they don't express a complete thought. But, when you're in the aviation industry, sentences are a n


I hate this feeling when my hand's itching to get ahold of a pen and write every word that floats in my head. My head feels like exploding, it wants to pour out all those thoughts that's been consuming me these past years. All these years were so overwhelming, time is so overwhelming, the situation is so overwhelming, all of it drains my strength. But I can't seem to start. I can't seem to figure out what those words are. It's making me uncomfortable and excited at the same time.