April 19, 2011

A Chuy Quote from Ryan Seacrest

Watch the toes you step on today, they might be attached to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow.

Maybe they're right...

There’s a missing puzzle in my life. I know what it is. I just can’t tell who he is. Maybe I just don’t want it to be just anyone. Falling in love is just too risky to give it again to someone. Getting hurt once is enough. Getting hurt twice with the same freakin’ reason is just too unbearable.
I’m lonely…waiting…wondering…and yet I’m afraid.

April 13, 2011

I miss you...


This is so embarrassing, yeah.

I miss seeing your name right there on the chatbox. Though we don't chat that often but seeing you're online is enough, knowing that you're just there.

I miss chatting with you. It's fun. It just completes my day.

I miss your manly voice. I miss hearing you talk, though we only had a chance to talk once. I'm always looking forward for another phone call with you, though I'm not sure if that's gonna happen again.

I miss you...maybe because I like your humor, I like talking to you, I like you.

I may be falling for you...but I won't allow it until I'm sure that you'll be there to catch me.

I just know that life would be fun with you.

Hope we can finally see each other...

And I just hope you won't read my blog again.=/

April 01, 2011

Some good things never last...

My teammates and I went to San Pedro yesterday after our shift for something to eat. 'twas a not-so-good day for us because our team captain Sir Erik Baron's gonna leave us. We ended up talking about how we met, got acquainted, became friends and how we turned out to be so bonded right now.

I just felt so sad knowing that everything's not gonna be the same as it used to be. =(

Goodbye's the hardest thing to do because it doesn't just end in saying the word itself but continues to torment you with the pain you'll feel on the days that follow.

--so sleepy after the party. That could be our last team party with our TC together. ='(