February 26, 2012

You'd still rather be at Gerry's!

I have a total of three visits to Gerry's Grill within a month. Now, that was record-breaking for me. First was when Rio and I craved for Pancit Palabok and ended up there. Second was with my ex-team Cadillac. This is because Rio and I have been craving for its sugba kilaw for days now after seeing one rich customer eating it. And the third time was when Quiel asked for it, because he saw my pictures of the mouth-watering foods. And let me say that each time I exit out of that door, I've always been a full and satisfied customer.

Anyway, Gerry's Grill offers one of the best appetizing foods evah! It's really two thumbs up. We were so full, the food is awesome, and the music videos are just all perfect. (Or maybe I was just carried away with my hunger). Anyway, I won't say much. I can't think of anything to say though. Just feast on these foods and I'm sure you'll end up craving as well and in no time will you decide to go to Gerry's Grill!

branch located at the 2nd Flr, Abreeza Mall (pangutana lang sa guard)

Spicy Garlic Chicken (This one's really spicy)

Chicken Lollipops

Grilled Tuna

Kinilaw na Pusit

Lechon Kawali

Pork Barbecue

Sugba Kilaw (The best!)
Beef Caserole
Sizzling Binagoongang Baboy (Delicious!)

Garlic Adobo Shreds (Nagmahay ko ani..hehe)

Dinakdakan (Sour, murag kinilaw)

Fried Pancit Canton


The MENU (in a messy order :)

Special thanks to Dianne, Exequiel and Trishia for your phones and cameras. (Photos are not in order kay kapoy drag).


February 14, 2012

A 5-minute love story

A window just popped up on my screen announcing the start of "Harana Kita" at our office's main lobby as part of HR's Valentines Day celebration. Curious of what would it be like, and curious of who would sing (though I have a clue, and this little wish, that it would be him), I took my break and went to the lobby. And as I have hoped for, there he was, strumming the guitar while singing, with this gay friend of mine beside him, holding a heart-shaped balloon and a bouquet of flowers. There were a few people. I didn't know what to do at that point since anyone could notice just anyone there. So I went outside, and after less than a minute went in again, and I still didn't have any clue on what to do next. And then and there, Ms. HR grabbed my hand, this gay friend handed me the balloons and dragged me to the chair next to him. And the rest was like magic. There I was, sitting next to him, just a foot away, clearly hearing that lovely voice that made my heart jumped out of place, feeling the butterflies in my stomach, while he absentmindedly sings "You and Me" by Lifehouse.
Though that song was not meant for me, though he didn't even give a damn if I was there, that was one of the most romantic minutes in my whole life. Yeah, one of my daydreams just finally came true. I forced myself not to show any emotions other than that hesitancy of being there beside him. And, oh my god, the photo. I held the flowers, smiled at the camera and immediately jumped right out of the chair after that and glanced at it. And, haha!, I wouldn't have known that he also smiled confidently at the camera if not because of that photo. I looked awkward and stiff. No, we don't look good together. Hahay...Also, it worries me that maybe our faces will soon be flashed constantly on our lobby tv, and I don't want those reactions of friends that knew about my crush on him. I hope not, that photo wasn't at all romantic. Mismatched, kumbaga.  But anyway, I didn't wanna end the moment right away, so I stood there, glanced at his song list, without even reading anything there. The words were all blurred and the only letter that I could make out was letter B. Of course, it's too hard to read and at the same time control all those weird things that I felt. He glanced at me, while I pretended to read the list, and I could no longer remember if I said something. I didn't look at him, and didn't said a word to him because I couldn't come up with anything sensible to say. After that, I just went back in, and burst all those kilig feelings that I felt to my seatmate who happened to also know about him.
I can't come up with the right words to explain what I felt during that time. My hands were numb, my cheeks were hot, could've blushed if only I'm a mestiza, and that there seemed to have a lot of microorganisms crawling inside my whole body. I didn't take in calls right away, afraid that I won't be able to handle it, since I couldn't erase that smile on my face no matter how I tried to. That effect lasted even after I managed to finish a 20-minute call. And just after a few minutes, I saw him again, approaching my side of the station (agi lang), and even though I wanted to smile at him, this stupid head of mine bent down by impulse just not to meet his eyes (torpe). I find myself always relieving that moment, worried if I had done another silly thing during that time. It was also so hard to force myself not to curve my lips while riding home because all I thought about was that moment. I really couldn't wait to share that to my best friend, or to anyone, and to document that in my blog.
And here I am right now, forcing again not to smile while writing this, since my brother is just here with me. That moment happened in less than 10minutes, probably just about 5minutes. It was not that remarkable to Ms HR, nothing to my gay friend, nothing to the people at the lobby, nothing to the people I rode the jeep with, and more so, it was definitely nothing to him. But that was, for me, the greatest fairy tale ever told. Maybe Valentine days weren't that bad after all. If it's not Feb 14 today, maybe I would have no reason to write this crap right now.
I wouldn't have imagined that I will write an entry that is clearly classified under the Valentines Day's section today. This was nothing that I really expected. Well, I don't know. I won't be able to fill my blog with love stories. I don't have plenty of them. This may no longer have a sequel, maybe this is just an advertisement, a one-time deal. Pampalubag-loob sa mga katulad kong single. Hehe. But, still, thank God for that bit of heaven. This is indeed a command for Alt+3.

February 13, 2012


Cge na, I'll write my own Valentine piece, just like the rest of my fave bloggers. Para uso.

I haven't really given Valentine's Day a thought. Of course, mag-unsa pa man diay ang single? Hehe. I mean, I consider Feb14 just a normal Tuesday, with nothing to look forward to. That's because I'm single (paulit-ulit?). I am single, by choice and by chance; and though I daydream a lot (especially now that crush is just around the corner), I am not in a hurry to really go into another relationship. The thought of having a new one has crossed my mind from time to time, it's just that I haven't really found the one. Though I don't have the right to be choosy, sa Bisaya pa kay dli ko tantong gwapa (hehe), I don't give in that easily. I don't have a lot of suitors, I don't flirt, I don't reply to those FB and text messages (ah, murag gwapa), plus the fact that I don't see any spark with these humans at all, are just some of the factors that greatly affect my stable relationship status.

My Valentine days have always been uneventful. I haven't gone to a real Valentine date. As far as I can recall, these were the people that I was with February of last year: 

Quiel, Trishia and Mama Bibi - my pirated family.

In 2010, here was my date: 

Revon - boardmate, wavemate, Lapulapu-mate, taxi-mate, painting-mate, absolutely BFF in Cebu. =)

In 2008, I wanna say it's with them:
Aze, Kim, Sarah and Jana - What friends are five!

Ambak dayon sa 2004, hehe. Here she is:

Anjing - BFF from h.s. and counting. =)

See? I don't have any real Valentine dates. That was maybe because I was hidden with the bestest friends that I hold most dear each time Cupid flies to strike his arrow.

*Note: Dli lang unta mangluod ang uban diha. I love all my friends. It's just that these people here have paid me big time to broadcast their names. =p

To my best friends, what can I say. Happy Valentines Day na lang. =)

February 09, 2012

Facebook Likes and Comments Social Plugin (Tutorial)

Hi there! I've been finding ways on how to add these FB likes and comments to my blog. And after several tries, analysis and flashbacks of my html lessons in college, I finally did it. This may not be the exact way of using those FB codes but I managed to somehow make it work. So I'm sharing these all to you.

To gain likes for your blog:

Click here to directly go to the page that is shown below.

Copy the codes and go to your blogger interface
(Note: I'm using the old Blogger interface.)

Go to DESIGN. Click on "Add a Gadget" and choose HTML/Javascript. Paste the codes there. Save your changes and you're done!

To gain likes for a post or a page on your blog:

After writing your blog entry, click on the "Edit HTML " section:

Paste the codes preferably on the bottom after the html codes that were previously generated. Save the changes.

For users to comments on your blog:

Click here to open the page shown below:

Copy the codes from the first and second boxes. Go to your blogger interface. Same as adding the Like button, go to DESIGN. Click on "Add a Gadget" and choose HTML/Javascript. Just paste all the codes there. Save your changes and you're done!

For users to comments on an entry or page on your blog:

Just the same process as placing the Like button, click on the "Edit HTML " section, paste all the codes preferably on the bottom after the html codes that were previously generated. Save the changes. 

When the user clicks the like button or comments on your blog, that story will automatically appear in the user's friends' News Feed with a link back to your blog.

Hope this helps! Please feel free to leave a comment for any questions, suggestions, or for more techie discoveries. =)

February 06, 2012

Happy Birthday Azenith!

I can hear the rumbling of my stomach. And it's thinking about lots of cakes that we are planning to share when she will receive her first salary. Oh, my, it's my bespren's birthday!

Red Ribbon, Goldilocks, Cecil's, cafe cakes...THEY'RE WATCHING US!

Haha! Mao na ni!

I've changed a lot, my attitude, perspective and a lot of things. I became moody when I'm tired. And you witnessed it all. Yet, you stayed. And that's all that matters. Salamat po.

Geez, I don't wanna be corny.haha! Ze, we need to stick with that mouth-watering plan, by hook or by crook.

Enjoy your day. I won't wish for anything more but just for you to wear that ring a few years from now. =p

Always here,

February 03, 2012

H  e  '  s

o  u  t

o  f

m  y

l  e  a  g  u  e  .

February 02, 2012

Bookworm's Eye View

I am a self-proclaimed bookworm. I learned to read since I was born (as you can see I am also a self-proclaimed genius and a total liar [and my humor sucks]). I was surrounded with books since I was a child, dictionaries, encyclopedias (those that were sold by door-to-door agents, and can be paid thru monthly basis), bible story books, and textbooks. That, and the fact that my parents cut my hair and inserted some strands on one of the books (an old superstition to have a smart kid...superstition indeed.hehe), was the reason why I have this intimacy for books. I began loving novels when I was in high school. I started with Philippine Hearts Romances pocketbooks, and the likes of Helen Meriz. I used to exchange pocketbooks with my classmates way back then, rented pocketbooks for P5/book for 3 days, and if my savings would allow, would buy one for P25.00. We were so hooked with those fairytale-like love stories and of the characters with whom the authors make as perfect and as gorgeous or as handsome as possible. I find it so ridiculous now that those authors spend almost one whole page to describe how the protagonist's eyes were so nice, how white and perfect their teeth are, how smooth their skin are, and all those god-like characteristics (cge na, kayo na ang perfect.haha!). And when I ran out of PHR novels to read, I attempted to read a novel of Danielle Steel.

The thickness of the book itself, and the fact that it's written in English, are just some reasons why high school, or even college studs, are afraid to even touch them.

I finished the book in maybe just two weeks. That started my addiction, and got interested with other American novels, and the rest was history. I didn't have enough money to buy novels from famous authors, so all I did was to stare at them, with their shiny tag prices on, and went on to buy those that are worth P25-P80 from not-so-famous authors. I was also a regular tambay at our school library (nerd!).

Now that I have a salary to spend (evil laugh), I am now a usual customer of National Books Store, Power Books, and of my favorite Booksale. I don't buy these books by impulse. I am a wise spender, and I usually think twice in buying books that are way beyond my budget. Some of my books are gifts from officemates (guess what I always write on my wishlist). But if there is one book that is really to die for, I bet you I won't eat just to buy that book. But well, you'll forget that you've spent a fortune once you start flipping those magical pages of the book you've been dreaming of.

I have a handful of favorite authors (and mind you, not all those with "National Bestseller" labels are good reads, some are actually boring). Nicholas Sparks, Paulo Coelho, Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham, Stephen King, Robin Cook, and a whole lot more...

Nganong naay Philippine History?

I am addicted to these! Illuminati, The Holy Grail, and all those conspiracy theories. But still, my faith is strong.
I love to read the novels and later on watch their movie version. I am fond of comparing books vs. movies, and yeah, books are ALWAYS better than movies.

I've been eyeing this book for months because I so wanted it but 'twas so expensive (for someone like me). And ha! When I finally was able to buy this, my roommates's reaction were like "That was so rich of you to buy that book" (Yeah, and how much is that Jag jeans of yours?..hehe, harsh). I put my name and the date of purchase for every book that I buy, covered the edges with Scotch tape, and never removed the price tags.
I have hundreds of ebooks in my computer that are on the waiting list. I wish I can buy myself a Kindle (-.-)

I have to list here some books that I highly recommend but I have to go. I am currently reading "The Firm" by Josh Grisham. I have to finish it now. Til next time then. And oh, by the way, my birthday is on August. Ahmm, you know, hehe...